It all begins with what you eat.

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Peaceful Lunch

Available: Monday to Sunday 8:30 am to 9.00 pm

Grilled fish / Miondo / Dodo
Grilled Macquerel , Bar or Croaker fish with chopped onions and parsley accompanied with fried ripe plantains or boiled Cassava paste. wrapped in leaves.
Ndole / Miondo / Boiled ripe plantains
Green vegetable mixed with peanuts paste, shrimps and meat or fish, accompanied with Miondo ( cassava paste wrapped in leaves ) or boiled ripe plantains.
Koki / Boiled ripe plantains
Grounded black eyed peas mixed with palm oil, spinach and scotch bonnet pepper.
Soya / Suya / Kebab
Well seasoned grilled beef
Steamed bean pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled black-eyed beans combined with onions and fresh ground red peppers, spices and fish / egg / crayfish.
Okok / Boiled plantains / Boiled cassava
Okok leaves with peanuts paste , palm oil , game and stock fish.
Koki cassava
Boiled cassava paste mixed with crayfish, stock fish, palm oil , wrapped in leaves.
Achu / Yellow soup
Cocoyam paste accompanied with yellow sauce and other spices
Eru & Fufu
Eru leaves mixed with spinach , chopped beef and palm oil.
Cocoyam paste mixed with vegetables,smoked fish and palm oil.
Meat pie
Pie with a filling of mince meat, chopped carrots.
Beef spring rolls
Mince meat wrapped in pastry.
Mince beef or chiken wrapped in pastry.
Khati - khati
Corn fufu , accompanied with sauteed vegetables with grill hard chicken and tomato sauce.
Egusi pudding / Miondo
Boiled egusi paste mixed with crayfish, stock fish, wrapped in leaves.
Steamed mixed rice and corn flour.

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It all begins with what you eat.