It all begins with what you eat.

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Who said catering these days is basically doing groceries and boiling and assembling the food items?
Your experienced team at Maddy pots takes the planning and catering for your event to another level. Yes ! we have made it all simple for you. Check this:




We consider your audience and their expectation.

Your nutritious needs , food allergies, restrictions and requirements.
Lastly the date and venue of the event are all factors we discuss to make your event a success.
A dedicated team that listens and leaves you with the best culinary experience.
a dedicated team working for you
Business that was born in and for the community and understands her are all
items to consider when searching.
We embody all those!




We offer cakes of all events.

Weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays .

We offer finger foods to wow your invitees. You can have a view on past events covered.

Deserts are not left out. We create our own deserts and also create others inspired to cover all our customer categories.




Fruit tables too are another speciality of ours.

We make fruit tables and adapt them to your event.

If there has been a time we encouraged
our customers to go in for natural juices, it is now. Personally, it is believed our rich hibiscus tea has been used in Africa and Asia to treat high blood pressure for
centuries now. We extract the juice from the leaves and make it ready to drink so you enjoy the happiness packed in there to quench your taste.

Natural pineapple drink, a pineapple stands tall, wears a crown and is sweet on the table. Who can resist that charm ?

Maddy’s natural pineapple juice, are all in our shop section. Also watch out for new drinks. As we keep bringing the best to you.