It all begins with what you eat.

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About Us

It all begins with what you eat.

Who says immigration says bravery

Transporting ones culture, identity and mannerisms, you name it as the list goes on, is an act of bravery. Nostalgia for my home land brought me to this spot, we  did not know what to expect but we are here today. Coming from a very rich and diversed culinary culture, Cameroon can be classified as one those countries where there are over 200 traditional tasty dishes to choose from as each ethnic group has a known traditional dish they identify with.

Based in Montreal Canada

We are passionate about African cuisine in particular, it is always said the most beautiful girl can only give what she is endowned with, my love for food began at a very young age, i come from a lineage of cooks. My younger sibling is also a chef.
Moving here has been an opportunity for me to proudly showcase my heritage through African cuisine, using our traditional rich and natural spices to cook meals, preserving their healthy values to improve and better the moods of our customers.

Immigration also means keeping an open mind and embrassing inclusiveness. We believe  in inclusiveness. Inspired by our immediate surroundings, we do lots of finger foods which our customers from diverse Canadian culture enjoy as you will later on see from our gallery and what we have done so far.

My experience is live that is why i am excited to share today.

It all began as a need, friends sollicited me to cook for them for their events, i did it for free most at times and one day i heard, why not do it as a side husstle ? the voice said you can start small while waiting to be known, So we did  while building our customer base. Our story is to inspire anyone who loves African cuisine and wants to take it up as a business  to start something as the still a lot to be done. We grew infront of the very eyes of our  few facebook followers. We noticed many people started following us too as we  started cakes baking with little Knowledge due to the burning passion we had inside.

Today we count ourself amongst those who are making things happen in the country because our story is relatable. Using our hands to tell the story of our origin, putting smiles on faces, and we also teach the art of Cameroonian cuisine to African descents who want to stay connected to their African roots or who have connections to our continent in one way or the other.

Founded in June 2019

Maddy pots answers to all the above mentioned. We are not done yet. Another vision of ours is to add our voice to the existing  work on vulgarizing the presentation of our traditional dishes to meet up international standards which is already a success story. Once we hit this mark, then our mission will be accomplished.